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Guasha Pain Management

Guasha 刮痧

调整阴阳、活血化瘀、舒经活络、排毒 Regulates yin & yang, activates blood and removes blood stasis, dredges meridians

  • 15 minutes
  • 90 Malaysian ringgits
  • Yong Kang TCM Clinic - SS2|Yong Kang TCM - Sunway Pyramid|Yong Kang TCM - One Utama |Yong Kang TCM - Aeon Style Cheras

Service Description

刮痧是一种特别常用的中医疗法,功效比较多,大概有以下几方面: 第一、刮痧能合理调整阴阳,刮痧对内脏功能有明显的调整作用,如肠蠕动亢进者在腹部和背部等处进行刮痧后,可以使蠕动亢进的肠道受到抑制而恢复正常。反之肠蠕动功能减退者,可以促进其蠕动恢复正常,从而调整脏腑阴阳,得到平衡。 第二、.刮痧可以活血化瘀,刮痧可以调节肌肉的收缩和舒张,使机体组织间的压力得到调节,促进血液循环,增加组织血容量,从而起到活血化瘀、祛瘀生新的作用。 第三、刮痧可以舒筋活络,刮痧通过在局部的来回推动,可以使肌肉收缩,增强局部血液循环,使局部的组织温度升高,从而使肌肉得到舒张或者消除疼痛,起到舒筋活络的效果。 第四、刮痧可以促进机体对毒素的排除,刮痧的过程可以使局部的组织形成高度的充血,从而使血液及淋巴液流动明显增快。同时有害物质的运输、排泄能力增强,促进体内废物、毒素等的加速排除。 Guasha is a very commonly used Chinese medicine therapy with many benefits: First, Guasha can reasonably adjust yin and yang, and scraping has obvious adjustment effect on visceral function. For example, after scraping on the abdomen and back for those with hyperperistalsis, the hyperperistaltic intestinal tract can be inhibited and returned to normal. Conversely, for those with impaired intestinal peristalsis, it can promote their peristalsis to return to normal, thereby adjusting the yin and yang of the viscera and achieving balance. Second, Guasha can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Scraping can regulate muscle contraction and relaxation, adjust the pressure between body tissues, promote blood circulation, increase tissue blood volume, and thus play the role of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, removing blood stasis and regenerating . Third, Guasha can relax tendons and activate collaterals. By pushing back and forth locally, scraping can make muscles contract, enhance local blood circulation, and increase local tissue temperature, thereby relaxing muscles or eliminating pain, and playing a role in relaxing tendons and activating collaterals. Effect. Fourth, Guasha can promote the body's elimination of toxins. The scraping process can make local tissues highly congested, thereby significantly increasing the flow of blood and lymph. At the same time, the ability to transport and excrete harmful substances is enhanced, and the accelerated elimination of waste and toxins in the body is promoted. 如果您是第一次到访或是超过六个月未到访我们的诊所将需要向我们的医师进行问诊预约,并将收取RM55诊费。 A physician assessment is compulsory(RM55) if you are 1st time visiting our clinic or have not visit us more than 6 months.

Cancellation Policy

1. A $10.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment. 2. If you are unable to attend, we will keep the credit for one year for future use. 3. All online promotions are exclusively for online bookings. 4. Appointment availability is subject to our shop's schedule, and we will try our best to accommodate your preferred date and time. If needed, we will suggest alternative options that work for both parties. 5. Your selected treatment is not final after physician assessment, additional service will be extra charges.

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