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Magnetic Slimming Therapy 纤川减肥调理

亢进的食欲,亢进的胃肠消化吸收 Heightened appetite, enhanced gastrointestinal digestion and absorption

  • 1 hour
  • 498 Malaysian ringgits
  • Yong Kang TCM Clinic - SS2|Yong Kang TCM - Sunway Pyramid|Yong Kang TCM - One Utama |Yong Kang TCM - Aeon Style Cheras

Service Description

磁疗可以调理内分泌异常,如各种激素,尤其是胰岛素、性激素、肾上腺皮质激素、瘦素等症状。中医从脏腑辩证分析肥胖主要与肝脾肾三脏的功能有关,通过磁疗可以达到调理脏腑,使肝脾肾脏之功能恢复正常。这种减肥纤体有效率达98%以上,并且无副作用。 磁疗减肥调理功效主要针对: 顽固体质难瘦,严重便秘,高血糖,高血压,高血脂,脂肪肝,身体抵抗力下降,妇女病,皮肤暗淡,腰酸痛等 Magnetic therapy is used to regulate endocrine abnormalities, such as various hormones, especially insulin, sex hormones, adrenal cortex hormones, leptin and other symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine analyzes the dialectical analysis of the viscera and obesity is mainly related to the functions of the liver, spleen and kidney. Magnetic therapy can regulate the viscera and restore the functions of the liver, spleen and kidney to normal. The effective rate of this kind of weight loss and slimming is over 98%, and it has no side effects. Magnetic Therapy mainly aimed at: stubborn body, severe constipation, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood fat, fatty liver, decreased body resistance, gynecological diseases, dull skin, back pain, etc. 如果您是第一次到访或是超过六个月未到访我们的诊所将需要向我们的医师进行问诊预约,并将收取RM55诊费。 A physician assessment is compulsory(RM55) if you are 1st time visiting our clinic or have not visit us more than 6 months.

Cancellation Policy

1. Secure your appointment with a RM10 non-refundable deposit. 2. If you can't attend, we'll keep the credit for one year or transferable to others. 3. Exclusive online promotions are for online bookings. 4. Appointments depend on our schedule, but we'll try to accommodate your preferred time. Alternatives will be suggested if needed. 5. Your chosen treatment may change after the physician assessment, with additional charges. 6. Mandatory physician assessment fees of RM55 apply for first-time or returning visitors after 6 months. 7. All prices is subject to prevailing SST. 1. 预约需支付RM10不可退的订金。 2. 无法如期完成预约,我们将为您的订金保留一年或可转让给他人 3. 独家网上促销仅适用于在线预订。 4. 任何预约更改取决于我们的时间表,如有需要,我们将提供其他替代方案以满足您的时间要求。 5. 您选择的治疗配套可能会依据医师专业评估后有所变化,额外服务将收取额外费用。 6. 如果您是第一次到访或是超过六个月未到访我们的诊所将需要向我们的医师进行问诊预约,并将收取RM55诊费。 7. 所有价格均需缴纳消费税。

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