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Balance hormonal, Increase immunity system, and reduce muscle ache.  


Herbal Balancing Cream helps to stimulate the endocrine system with natural plant ingredients to boost hormonal balance and eliminate the physiological discomfort caused by hormonal imbalance.


Herbal Balancing Cream uses natural plant ingredients to stimulate the endocrine system and promote hormonal balance to eliminate physiological discomfort caused by hormonal imbalance.

1. Insomnia and headache: insomnia, dreaminess, fatigue, headache.

2, breast pain, breast hyperplasia: the main reason is endocrine disorders. Breasts are more important to promote their growth and development through the secretion of estrogen, so it is easy to form mammary gland hyperplasia and breast cancer.

3. Skin aging: The skin is slack, the fair skin is getting rougher, the pores are also enlarged, and the pigmentation is gradually obvious.

4. Irritability and chest tightness: palpitation, shortness of breath, irritability, and mania; sleep at night due to chest tightness is awakened, and long-term poor sleep quality will lead to high blood pressure.

5. Infertility: Endocrine disorders make the cerebral cortex ineffective in regulating endocrine, or the endometrium is damaged, and the response to female hormones is not sensitive, which reflexively affects endocrine regulation and reduces the chance of successful pregnancy.

6. Gynecological diseases: endometriosis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc. are all gynaecological endocrine diseases, and some breast diseases are also related to endocrine disorders






4、烦躁胸闷:心慌气急、易激动,狂躁; 夜间睡觉因胸闷被憋醒,长期睡眠质量差会导致高血压。



Herbal Balancing Cream 草本平衡霜

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