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Aerobic Cupping 有氧活罐

专治颈肩酸痛,腰痛,瘦身,雕塑,排毒,排水肿 Specializing in pain management, slimming, sculpture, detox and oedema

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与传统拔罐不同,有氧活罐采用有节奏的负压技术,有效地给全身带来减压和放松。治疗侧重于淋巴区域和特定经络部位,以缓解颈部和背部疼痛并为身体排毒。此疗法有效的疏通经络,使得人体内部器官得到相应的调理,让人气血畅通,强身健体。 一次治疗有6个功效!! 负压:是正压效果的3至5倍 活罐:平泻平补双向调节身体 补气:调理气血做健康人 磁共振: 改善结节、堵塞、纤维瘤等 负离子:消炎杀菌补气供氧,增强免疫力 红外线:活血化瘀有效疏通经络和堵塞 适合人群: 头痛,放松颈肩,促进代谢,改善睡眠,减肥,调亮肤色 Unlike traditional cupping, aerobic cupping adopts rhythmic negative pressure technology to effectively bring decompression and relaxation to the whole body. Treatment focuses on lymphatic areas and specific meridian spots to relieve neck and back pain and detoxify the body. This therapy can effectively dredge the meridians, so that the internal organs of the human body can be regulated accordingly, making people's qi and blood unblocked, and strengthening the body. One treatment has 6 effects! ! Negative pressure: 3 to 5 times the effect of positive pressure Live pot: pacifying and nourishing to adjust the body in both directions Invigorating Qi: Regulating Qi and blood to be a healthy person MRI: Improve nodules, blockages, fibroids, etc. Negative ions: anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, air-supplying, and oxygen-enhancing Infrared: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, effectively dredging meridians and blockages Suitable for: Headache, relax neck and shoulders, promote metabolism, improve sleep, lose weight, brighten skin tone 如果您是第一次到访或是超过六个月未到访我们的诊所将需要向我们的医师进行问诊预约,并将收取RM55诊费。 A physician assessment is compulsory(RM55) if you are 1st time visiting our clinic or have not visit us more than 6 months.


1. Secure your appointment with a RM10 non-refundable deposit. 2. If you can't attend, we'll keep the credit for one year or transferable to others. 3. Exclusive online promotions are for online bookings. 4. Appointments depend on our schedule, but we'll try to accommodate your preferred time. Alternatives will be suggested if needed. 5. Your chosen treatment may change after the physician assessment, with additional charges. 6. Mandatory physician assessment fees of RM55 apply for first-time or returning visitors after 6 months. 7. All prices is subject to prevailing SST. 1. 预约需支付RM10不可退的订金。 2. 无法如期完成预约,我们将为您的订金保留一年或可转让给他人 3. 独家网上促销仅适用于在线预订。 4. 任何预约更改取决于我们的时间表,如有需要,我们将提供其他替代方案以满足您的时间要求。 5. 您选择的治疗配套可能会依据医师专业评估后有所变化,额外服务将收取额外费用。 6. 如果您是第一次到访或是超过六个月未到访我们的诊所将需要向我们的医师进行问诊预约,并将收取RM55诊费。 7. 所有价格均需缴纳消费税。

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