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What happens when acute injury occurs?

We always have an experience that no pain at the moment sprain the ankle, but pain and swelling occurs after a few hours, even affecting walking. When the situation above happens, we hope for a faster way to reduce the swelling of the ankle and get back to our normal life.

However, we need to know the reason and mechanism of acute injury to help us make a correct instruction in dealing with swelling and pain.

Reasons of acute injury happens

Acute injury not only happens under a sudden impact or sprain, but also happens under overuse, for example: race training or acute onset of chronic injury. Acute injury can occur at any part of the body, with presence of redness, swelling, pain and even limited joint mobility. Severity can be differentiated according to bone fracture, joint dislocation, inflammation of ligament, tendon and muscle.

How to deal with acute injury?

First of all, we can apply cold compress on our injury part within 24 hours. Remember, do not conduct tuina on the injury part, this can aggravate the bleeding and swelling from injured blood vessels. Suggest to take a X-ray examination if the swelling condition is serious.

Second, a targeted treatment increased the efficiency of solving problems. We can apply hot compress, medicine or do swift pricking treatment to reduce swelling after 24 hours from injury. At the same time, tuinaacupuncture and Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) treatment will help to release the muscle tension, and improve the recovery of tendon and ligament.

Last but not least, nursing care after injury is important. Bandages will help in support and limit the movement of the injury part, to avoid further injury. Normally, acute injury takes 1-3 months for recovery, an effective treatment will speed up this process. As a reminder, please always watch your steps, avoid sudden change in position and overuse.

Regards, our Yong Kang team wishes you always safe and healthy.


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