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The Collaboration Between Yong Kang TCM and Quisine

Many postpartum mothers actively seek information on topics such as postpartum care, postpartum recovery, postpartum yoga, postpartum health, postpartum exercises, postpartum nutrition, breastfeeding, infant sleep, newborn care, confinement meals, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum depression on the internet. They hope to find the best solutions to recover quickly and provide the best care for themselves and their newborns. Mothers not only need to adjust their lives but also take care of their newborns, all while focusing on their own physical health. Therefore, our Yong Kang TCM Clinic has collaborated with Quisine Postpartum Meals to provide a professional postpartum healing experience for all postpartum mothers, helping them find balance, confidence, and vitality in this new stage of life.

Quisine Postpartum Meals

Quisine Postpartum Meals is a dedicated partner for postpartum mothers. They understand the need for high-quality nutrition for postpartum mothers, and therefore, they meticulously select ingredients and use fresh produce in every meal they prepare. They recognize that postpartum recovery requires a well-balanced diet, so they have thoughtfully designed a confinement meal menu, incorporating the expertise of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to ensure that the nutritional components in the food are perfectly balanced. This not only provides new mothers with the energy they need but also offers valuable support for their physical recovery.

Furthermore, Quisine Postpartum Meals offers a diverse and non-repetitive menu for postpartum confinement. This means that mothers can receive the best nutrition without getting tired of their postpartum diet. This is crucial because postpartum mothers need to adhere to confinement meals for an extended period to regain the nutrients lost during childbirth. By continuously updating their confinement meal menu, Quisine Postpartum Meals ensures that the dining experience for new mothers is always fresh, delicious, and upholds the highest food quality and hygiene standards.

Quisine Postpartum Meals not only provides a wide range of dishes but also brings tremendous convenience to new mothers. Their meal delivery service not only guarantees that mothers can access high-quality food but also saves them the time and effort of cooking. This is a tremendous help for mothers who are adjusting to their new lives.

Undoubtedly, confinement meals are a valuable asset for postpartum mothers, contributing to their physical well-being and mental state. To further enhance this effect, our Yong Kang TCM Clinic sponsors a complimentary postpartum recovery session. This unique collaboration aims to provide comprehensive care for new mothers, allowing them to embark on their parenting journey in the best possible condition.


Purchase Quisine Postpartum Meals and Get a Free Yong Kang TCM Postpartum Recovery Session!

Yong Kang TCM Clinic, in partnership with Quisine, understands that postpartum mothers require additional care and professional physical recovery. Therefore, in this collaboration, Yong Kang TCM Clinic will provide mothers with one session of postpartum acupuncture therapy or a session of extreme yang moxibustion. Whether it's postpartum depression, postpartum recovery, or postpartum conditioning, this therapy offers multiple benefits for new mothers.

Acupuncture therapy and extreme yang moxibustion are traditional Chinese medicine treatments that have been proven to be highly beneficial for postpartum recovery. They help mothers regain their physical strength, rebalance their energy, improve blood circulation, and alleviate postpartum discomfort and pain. These treatments help relieve discomfort in the pelvis and lower back, aiding mothers in returning to their pre-pregnancy state more quickly. Furthermore, postpartum acupuncture and extreme yang moxibustion contribute to enhancing mothers' immune systems, reducing fatigue and anxiety, and helping them better adapt to their new roles. This not only aids physical recovery but also supports emotional balance.

In addition to alleviating the mentioned symptoms, acupuncture and extreme yang moxibustion can address various postpartum issues that mothers encounter or wish to resolve, such as mommy wrist, joint pain, postpartum gout, dizziness, excessive lochia, pale complexion, cold extremities, blood stasis, lower back pain, emotional instability, mastitis and breastfeeding problems, loose body shape and sagging skin, pelvic floor issues, postpartum depression, and insomnia.

Finally, our acupuncture and moxibustion treatments are administered by experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, ensuring that every mother receives the most professional care. Our goal is to provide each mother with comprehensive postpartum care to better welcome their new family members.


The goal of this collaboration is to ensure that postpartum mothers have access to the best postpartum recovery and care. We believe that a healthy mother is the best mother. Through the postpartum meals provided by Quisine and the postpartum therapy sponsored by us, we offer comprehensive support to mothers, aiding them in regaining their pre-pregnancy state and preparing to face the challenges of their new lives. We appreciate everyone's support, and we look forward to assisting more postpartum mothers, enabling them to renew their confidence and embrace a brighter tomorrow.


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