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Yong Kang TCM 1 Utama Flagship Store

In the field of healthcare, innovation is the driving force for progress, especially in the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, we bring you a new era in Malaysian TCM care at 1 Utama Shopping Centre! We are proud to announce that Singapore's leading TCM experts, Yong Kang TCM, have officially opened their flagship store here.

This is an eagerly awaited opening that signifies Yong Kang TCM's commitment to the Malaysian TCM industry. This move has garnered recognition from the Ministry of Health, establishing Yong Kang TCM as a formidable pioneer in innovative TCM care.

The Strong Background of Yong Kang TCM

With over 20 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yong Kang TCM has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge. In Singapore, they have provided outstanding TCM services to over 2 million customers. Today, they are bringing this extensive experience and expertise to Malaysia to offer exceptional healthcare to the local population.

Modernized TCM Healthcare

Yong Kang TCM not only inherits the essence of traditional Chinese medicine but also incorporates modern healthcare methods, including acupuncture, aerobic cupping, moxibustion therapy, herbal remedies, and pain management massage. These modern therapies provide patients with quick, effective, and painless treatment options aimed at improving their quality of life and alleviating various pain symptoms.

In the field of modern painless acupuncture, Yong Kang TCM employs advanced techniques like tube acupuncture, offering a more comfortable acupuncture experience, making patients more willing to undergo treatment. Tube acupuncture ensures precise positioning of each acupoint, achieving accurate and controllable acupuncture depth.

Personalized TCM Treatments

Yong Kang TCM offers a range of personalized services and treatments, tailored to address various health concerns. These include chronic pain, digestive system disorders, weight management and beauty issues, respiratory problems, gynecology, fertility, and internal medicine. Our professional consultants create customized treatment plans based on your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that each patient can experience maximum benefits.


Yong Kang TCM Knowledge Sharing and Special Promotions

To celebrate the opening of our new branch, Yong Kang TCM is hosting a series of exciting events, including knowledge-sharing sessions about Traditional Chinese Medicine and free consultation assessments. Visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of TCM services, including acupuncture, aerobic cupping, moxibustion, AWT, and traditional herbal prescriptions.

Furthermore, a month-long 'Lucky Draw' event offers participants the chance to win prizes worth a total of RM4,888, which include vouchers, TCM services, and health gifts. We've also prepared health products and vouchers from Yong Kang TCM for every guest as a token of our appreciation.

The Optimal Choice for TCM Care

Yong Kang TCM's modern Traditional Chinese Medicine care provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of health issues. We are dedicated to balancing the body's qi and blood flow, helping you restore internal equilibrium in the midst of your busy life, thereby enhancing overall health and lifestyle.

Yong Kang TCM encourages everyone to visit our outlets and learn about each service and how it can benefit individuals. Let Yong Kang TCM be your preferred TCM care destination, helping you embark on a personalized journey to better health.

Don't Miss This Groundbreaking Moment – Let's Progress Together for Health and TCM Care Advancements!

For more information or to explore further, please visit the official Yong Kang TCM website.


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